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King Ludwig selected pictorial themes for the rooms of Neuschwanstein Castle: "Tannhäuser" for his study, "Tristan and Isolde" for his bedroom, and the ‘Ring of the Nibelung" in the vestibule.

The king dedicated his living room to the memory of Lohengrin. A cupboard was covered with pictures of mediaeval poets painted by Ferdinand von Piloty, while paintings on the walls depicted scenes from the Lohengrin myth. Thus Wilhelm Hauschild could be seen showing the "Miracle of the Grail" with the election of the knight as Elsa’s champion. On the north side, August son Heckel painted Lohengrin’s arrival (the illustration shows only a detail). The King had his exact wishes conveyed to the artist: "H. M. desires that Lohengrin should not hold his head too much at an angle."