A Time to Kill 1996

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Time to Kill, A (1996)

Matthew McConaughey, a young, attractive and highly skilled attorney is faced with the toughest case of his life, one that on many occassions may also threaten it. In the southern Mississippi town of Clanton, the KKK is active and the tension is high when the black majority is angered at the raping and slaying of a black man's 10 year old daughter. Against Jake's advice the distraught father takes revenge, gunning down the two criminals in the local courthouse. Racial hatred hightens with the suspense and conflict threatens to break out regardless of the verdict. Jake must decide, along with his new, eager assisstant whether he and his family can run the risk of defending the man.


Directed by
Joel Schumacher
Matthew McConaughey .... Jake Tyler Brigance
Sandra Bullock .... Ellen Roark
Samuel L. Jackson .... Carl Lee Hailey
Kevin Spacey .... Rufus Buckley
Oliver Platt .... Harry Rex Vonner
Charles Dutton .... Sheriff Ozzie Walls
Brenda Fricker .... Ethel Twitty
Donald Sutherland .... Lucien Wilbanks
Kiefer Sutherland .... Freddie Cobb
Patrick McGoohan .... Judge Omar Noose
Ashley Judd .... Carla Brigance
Tonea Stewart .... Gwen Hailey
Rae'ven Kelly .... Tonya Hailey
Darrin Mitchell .... Skip Hailey
LaConte McGrew .... Slim Hailey
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