Absolutely Fabulous Series 1(4/5/6) 1993

Abfab Episode 4 - "Iso Tank"
While daughter Saffron prepares her presentation project on DNA for the college open day, Edina's sulking upstairs with Patsy in her brand new isolation tank. Her daughter's adamant no tantrum is going to change her mind - Edina just isn't invited. But her mother's got a few tricks up her Lacroix sleeves...

Episode 5 - "Magazine"
Edina's ecstatic. She's got a new man and she's stayed out until 7:30 am. Patsy's pretty bloody jealous. She's got to go into work (if she can remember where her office is) to sort out a little problem of finding two victims for her makeovers on breakfast television. Perhaps Saffy and Edina's mother can help?

Episode 6 - "Birthday"
It's Edina's 40th birthday and she's at her most vitriolic. With son Serge unavoidably detained collecting lava samples from a volcano in Hawaii, Saffron's organised a boring old family lunch, with real food rather than Japanese nibbly bits, to mark the catastrophic occasion. Perhaps her two ex-husbands can liven things up a little?


Directed by
Bob Spiers
Jennifer Saunders .... Edina Monsoon
Joanna Lumley .... Patsy Stone
Julia Sawalha .... Saffron Monsoon
June Whitfield .... Mother
Kate Mulgrew .... Druken Fashion Designer 1994-1995
Kathy Burke .... Magda
Jane Horrocks .... Bubble (1992-1995)
Helen Lederer .... Catriona Kirk
Harriet Thorpe .... Fleur Capabianca
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