Absolutely Fabulous Series 2(1/2/3) 1994

Abfab Episode 1 - "Hospital"
Patsy's sold her story to Hello and she's got a week to look 35 for the photos. It's either a bunjee jump with the elastic tied to the back of her head or a facelift...

Episode 2 - "Death"
Edina's father's dead. But is it art?

Episode 3 - "Morocco"
Patsy, Eddie and Saffy go to Marrakech on a fashion shoot looking for underage sex, drugs and the indigenous population (whatever that is). Once there, Patsy sells Saffy to the white slave trade for a couple of thou. At last they're shot of the sour-faced-ditch-rat until they go wandering in the desert in search of a loo.....


Directed by
Bob Spiers
Jennifer Saunders .... Edina Monsoon
Joanna Lumley .... Patsy Stone
Julia Sawalha .... Saffron Monsoon
June Whitfield .... Mother
Kate Mulgrew .... Druken Fashion Designer 1994-1995
Kathy Burke .... Magda
Jane Horrocks .... Bubble (1992-1995)
Helen Lederer .... Catriona Kirk
Harriet Thorpe .... Fleur Capabianca
Video: 8711691631382

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