Absolutely Fabulous Series 3(4/5/6) 1996

Abfab Episode 4 - "Jealous"
Celebrity Deathmatch
Edina Monsoon vs Claudia Bing

Episode 5 - "Fear"
Saffy's left home and is living in halls, who's going to open Edina's custard? Everything's labelled and her career's going fabulously - as long as Lulu dosen't cause trouble. Patsy's magazine has folded and she's off to New York. Learning circus skills in a tent on Clapham Common won't help Edina this time - be afraid, be very...

Episode 6 - "The End"
What's happening at 34 Claremont Avenue? That loud fat woman's gone off to live in a commune, the alcoholic skinny one's gone to New York, the daughter only comes back at weekends and the old woman's got a man over there now changing the locks! Is this the end? I wonder what's on telly?


Directed by
Bob Spiers
Jennifer Saunders .... Edina Monsoon
Joanna Lumley .... Patsy Stone
Julia Sawalha .... Saffron Monsoon
June Whitfield .... Mother
Kate Mulgrew .... Druken Fashion Designer 1994-1995
Kathy Burke .... Magda
Jane Horrocks .... Bubble (1992-1995)
Helen Lederer .... Catriona Kirk
Harriet Thorpe .... Fleur Capabianca
Video: 8711691032059

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