Aliens 1986

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Aliens (1986)

The only survivor of the Nostromo, Ripley is discovered in deep sleep half a century later by a salvage ship. When she is taken back to Earth, she learns that a human colony was founded on the same planet where the aliens were first found. After contact with the colony is lost, she finds herself sent back to the planet along with a team of warriors bent on destroying the alien menace forever, and saving any survivors -- if any remain.


Directed by
James Cameron
Sigourney Weaver .... Ellen Ripley
Carrie Henn .... Rebecca "Newt" Jorden
Michael Biehn .... Corporal Dwayne Hicks
Paul Reiser .... Carter Burke
Lance Henriksen .... Bishop
Bill Paxton .... Private Hudson
William Hope .... Lieutenant Gorman
Jenette Goldstein .... Private Vasquez
Al Matthews .... Sergeant Apone
Mark Rolston .... Private Drake
Ricco Ross .... Private Frost
Colette Hiller .... Corporal Ferro
Daniel Kash .... Private Spunkmeyer
Cynthia Scott .... Corporal Dietrich
Tip Tipping .... Private Crowe
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