Arlington Road 1999

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Arlington Road (1999)

Widowed when his FBI agent wife is killed in an FBI anti-terrorist operation gone wrong, a college professor (Bridges) becomes increasingly obsessed with the culture and sub-society of these dangerous groups. The arrival of new neighbors (Robbins, Cusack), gives him new spirit, as they are gregarious and friendly, with two children (Gamble, Green) that his son (Clark) can be friends with. He is even beginning to see another woman (Davis). However, he begins to suspect something is odd about the neighbors, something about the way they don't want him to see certain parts of the house, or a set of blueprints they have there. Are his neighbors terrorists... or is the stress of losing his wife merely driving him past the point of paranoia?




Directed by
Mark Pellington
Jeff Bridges .... Michael Faraday
Tim Robbins .... Oliver Lang
Joan Cusack .... Cheryl Lang
Hope Davis .... Brooke Wolfe
Robert Gossett .... FBI Agent Whit Carver
Mason Gamble .... Brady Lang
Spencer Treat Clark .... Grant Faraday
Stanley Anderson .... Dr. Archer Scobee
Viviane Vives .... Nurse
Lee Stringer (I) .... Orderly
Darryl Cox .... Troopmaster
Loyd Catlett .... Delivery Man
Sid Hillman .... Phone Technician
Auden Thornton .... Hannah Lang
Mary Ashleigh Green .... Daphne Lang

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