Battle of the bulge 1965

Battle of the Bulge Plot Summary for
Battle of the Bulge (1965)

This is a novelisation of the german counter-offensive in the Ardennes, Belgium in the last months of the WW II. The german plan consists in a fast attack of a secret panzer division, unknown by the allies, at command of col. Hessler, a brilliant german officer. But as the Germans are short in fuel, a crucial movement in the plan is to capture a huge allied fuel deposit. It seems not to be difficult, but...


Directed by
Ken Annakin
Henry Fonda .... Lieutenant Colonel Kiley
Robert Shaw .... Colonel Hessler
Robert Ryan .... General Grey
Dana Andrews .... Colonel Pritchard
George Montgomery (I) .... Sergeant Duquesne
Ty Hardin .... Schumacher
Pier Angeli .... Louise
Barbara Werle .... Elena
Charles Bronson .... Major Wolenski
Hans Christian Blech .... Conrad
Werner Peters .... General Kohler
James MacArthur (I) .... Lieutenant Weaver
Karl-Otto Alberty .... Von Diepel
Telly Savalas .... Guffy
Steve Rowland (I) .... Bit Part
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