Blue Lagoon the 1980

Blue Lagoon Plot Summary for
Blue Lagoon, The (1980)

Richard and Em are children when shipwrecked and marooned alone on a lush tropical island. By the time they are rescued, they have learned a great deal about life and are raising a child of their own.


Directed by
Randal Kleiser
Brooke Shields .... Emmeline
Christopher Atkins .... Richard
Leo McKern .... Paddy Button
William Daniels (I) .... Arthur Lestrange
Elva Josephson .... Young Emmeline
Glenn Kohan .... Young Richard
Alan Hopgood .... Captain
Gus Mercurio .... Officer
Jeffrey Means .... Lookout
Bradley Pryce .... Little Paddy
Chad Timmerman .... Infant Paddy
Gert Jacoby .... Sailor
Alex Hamilton .... Sailor
Richard Evanson .... Sailor
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