Con Air 1997

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Con Air (1997)

Cameron Poe, a highly decorated US ranger, is convicted of murder after protecting his wife in a drunken brawl. Finally, after eight years, he's being paroled and going home to his wife and daughter. His ride home: the Jailbird, which is also transporting society's vicious murderers to Feltham Penitentiary, Lousiana's toughest maximum security prison. A surprising escape is made on board the plane as the cons seize control of the plane, and head it towards Las Vegas. The officials on the ground want to blow it out of the sky, but three people know an alternative... US Marshal Vince Larkin, Cameron Poe's wife, and his daughter.


Directed by
Simon West (I)
Nicolas Cage .... Cameron Poe
John Cusack .... Vince Larkin
John Malkovich .... Cyrus 'the Virus' Grissom
Steve Buscemi .... Garland 'The Marietta Mangler' Greene
Ving Rhames .... Nathan 'Diamond Dog' Jones
Colm Meaney .... Duncan Malloy
Mykelti Williamson .... Baby-O O'Dell
Rachel Ticotin .... Guard Sally Bishop
Monica Potter .... Tricia Poe
David Chappelle (I) .... 'Pinball'
M.C. Gainey .... 'Swamp Thing'
John Roselius .... Devers
Renoly Santiago .... 'Sally-Can't Dance'
Danny Trejo .... Johnny 'Johnny-23' Baca
Jesse Borrego .... Francisco Cindino
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