Conspiracy Theory 1997

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Conspiracy Theory (1997)

Jerry Fletcher is a man in love with a woman he observes from afar. She works for the government. Fletcher is an outspoken critic of that government. He has conspiracy theories for everything, from aliens to political assassinations. But soon, one of his theories finds itself to be accurate. But which one? Some dangerous people want him dead and the only person he trusts is that woman he loves but does not know.



Directed by
Richard Donner
Mel Gibson .... Jerry Fletcher
Julia Roberts .... Alice Sutton
Patrick Stewart .... Dr. Jonas
Cylk Cozart .... Agent Lowry
Steve Kahan .... Mr. Wilson
Terry Alexander (I) .... Flip
Alex McArthur .... Cynic
Rod McLachlan .... Justice Guard
Michael Potts .... Justice Guard
Jim Sterling (I) .... Justice Guard
Rich Hebert .... Public Works Man
Brian J. Williams .... Clarke
George Aguilar .... Piper
Cece Neber Labao .... Finch's Secretary
Saxon Trainor .... Alice's Secretary
DVD: 7321931150910
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