Death Becomes Her 1992

Death Becomes Her Plot Summary for
Death Becomes Her (1992)

Helen and Madeline hate each other. Madeline is married to Ernest, who is having an affair with Helen. Both women rely on Ernest for plastic surgery for their continued good looks, so when Madeline finds a cure for ageing, Helen gets it too. It isn't until both become immortal that they realise that 'life' will never be the same again.


Directed by
Robert Zemeckis
Meryl Streep .... Madeline Ashton
Bruce Willis .... Ernest Menville
Goldie Hawn .... Helen Sharp
Isabella Rossellini .... Lisle Von Rhoman
Ian Ogilvy .... Chagall
Adam Storke .... Dakota
Nancy Fish .... Rose
Alaina Reed Hall .... Psychologist
Michelle Johnson .... Anna
Mary Ellen Trainor .... Vivian Adams
William Frankfather .... Mr. Franklin
John Ingle .... Eulogist
Clement von Franckenstein .... Opening Man
Petrea Burchard .... Opening Woman
Jim Jansen .... Second Man
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