Deep Impact 1998

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Deep Impact (1998)

Young Leo Biederman joined his High School's Astronomy Club more to be with Sarah Hotchner than to look into the skies. One night, a field study takes place and Leo accidentally stumbles into one spot too many in a known group of stars. The new comet is soon named Wolf-Biederman. Unfortunately, it races towards earth on a direct collision course. In the meantime Jenny Learner, a NBC reporter, traces the story of a minister's sex-scandal only to learn that "Ellie" is not exactly the name of a hot lady, but more of a pretty hot event. Soon, the comets existance is announced officially. The only chance of saving earth lies in blasting it off it's course...


Directed by
Mimi Leder
Robert Duvall .... Spurgeon "Fish" Tanner
Téa Leoni .... Jenny Lerner
Elijah Wood .... Leo Biederman
Vanessa Redgrave .... Robin Lerner
Morgan Freeman .... President Beck
Leelee Sobieski .... Sarah Hotchner
Maximilian Schell .... Jason Lerner
James Cromwell .... Alan Rittenhouse
Ron Eldard .... Oren Monash
Mary McCormack .... Andrea Baker
Blair Underwood .... Mark Simon
Jon Favreau .... Gus Partenza
Dougray Scott .... Eric Vennekor
Laura Innes .... Beth Stanley
Bruce Weitz .... Stuart Caley
Video: 8712598041090

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