Enemy of the State 1998

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Enemy of the State (1998)

When lawyer Robert Clayton Dean meets an old pal accidentally, he does not know the trouble that is going to hit him. His pal, being pursued badly, slips him a disc without Robert reckoning - before being killed. Soon, Robert is believed to have something that others want - but what? Later, he stumbles across a setup that would render him the main suspect of a gruesome murder, hadn't he dropped by. Being shown several bugs by Brill, a trustable contact of the victim, Robert learns quickly about the fire he's playing with - and decides to win instead of giving up. The murder case of a staged suicide by a U.S. congressman may cause some heads to roll, if the disc containing the proof can be found in time and delivered to its destination - by the right party, that is.



Directed by
Tony Scott


Will Smith .... Robert Clayton Dean
Gene Hackman .... Brill
Jon Voight .... Thomas Brian Reynolds
Lisa Bonet .... Rachel Banks
Regina King .... Carla Dean
Stuart Wilson (II) .... Congressman Albert
Laura Cayouette .... Christa Hawkins
Loren Dean .... Hicks
Barry Pepper .... David Pratt
Ian Hart .... Bingham
Jake Busey .... Krug
Scott Caan .... Jones
Jason Lee (I) .... Daniel Zavitz
Gabriel Byrne .... Fake Brill
James LeGros .... Jerry Miller
DVD: 7321932345773

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