Filofax 1990 aka Taking care of Buisiness

Filofax Plot Summary for
Taking Care of Business (1991)

Jimmy Dworski is a criminal serving the last 48 hours of a jail sentence. He wins a couple of baseball tickets by calling a radio quiz show. With help of other inmates, he escapes to go watch the game. When by chance he finds the filofax of executive Spencer Barns who looses it while traveling on a business weekend. Jimmy finds cash, credit cards and the key to a big mansion. He jumps on the opportunity and starts posing as Barns. While the real Barnes is trying to find his filofax he gets in all sorts of trouble. How will things turn out when the two finally meet?


Directed by
Arthur Hiller
James Belushi .... Jimmy
Charles Grodin .... Spencer Barnes
Anne De Salvo .... Debbie
Loryn Locklin .... Jewel
Stephen Elliott .... Walter
Hector Elizondo .... Warden
Veronica Hamel .... Elizabeth
Mako .... Sakamoto
Gates McFadden .... Diane
John de Lancie .... Ted
Thom Sharp .... Mike
Ken Foree .... J.B.
J.J. .... LeBradford
Andre Rosey Brown .... Heavy G
Terrence E. McNally .... Hamilton
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