First Wives Club the 1996

First Wives Club Plot Summary for
First Wives Club, The (1996)

Three ex-wives, dumped for newer models, determine to get their revenge. They had helped their husbands become financially successful, so they cleverly plan to hurt their exes in their pockets. Justice is sweet and fun with plenty of great on-liners and physical gags.


Directed by
Hugh Wilson
Goldie Hawn .... Elise Eliot Atchinson
Bette Midler .... Brenda Morelli Cushman
Diane Keaton .... Annie MacDuggan Paradis
Maggie Smith .... Gunila Garson Goldberg
Sarah Jessica Parker .... Shelly Stewart
Dan Hedaya .... Morton Cushman
Stockard Channing .... Cynthia Swann Griffin
Victor Garber .... Bill Atchison
Stephen Collins (I) .... Aaron Paradis
Elizabeth Berkley .... Phoebe LaVelle
Marcia Gay Harden .... Dr. Leslie Rosen
Bronson Pinchot .... Duarto Feliz
Jennifer Dundas .... Chris Paradis
Eileen Heckart .... Catherine MacDuggan
Philip Bosco .... Uncle Carmine Morelli
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