Fortress 1993

Fortress Plot Summary for
Fortress (1993)

A futuristic prison movie. Protagonist and wife are nabbed at a future US emigration point with an illegal baby during population control. The resulting prison experience is the subject of the movie. The prison is a futuristic one run by a private corporation bent on mind control in various ways.


Directed by
Stuart Gordon
Christopher Lambert .... John Brennick
Kurtwood Smith .... Prison Director Poe
Loryn Locklin .... Karen Brennick
Clifton González González .... Nino
Lincoln Kilpatrick .... Abraham
Jeffrey Combs .... D-Day
Tom Towles .... Stiggs
Vernon Wells .... Maddox
Carolyn Purdy-Gordon .... Zed-10
Alan Zitner .... Claustrophobic Prisoner
Denni Gordon .... Karen's Cellmate
Eric Briant Wells .... Border Guard
Dragicia Debert .... Bio Scanner Guard
Heidi Stein .... Pregnant Woman
Harry Nurmi .... Guard #1
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