G.I. Jane 1997

G.I. Jane Plot Summary for
G.I. Jane (1997)

When a crusading chairperson of the military budget committee pressures the would be Navy secretary to begin full gender integration of the service, he offers the chance for a test case for a female trainee in the elite Navy SEALS commando force. Lt. Jordan O'Niel is given the assignment, but no one expects her to succeed in an inhumanly punishing regime that has a standard 60% dropout rate for men. However, O'Niel is determined to prove everyone wrong.


Directed by
Ridley Scott
Demi Moore .... Lt. Jordan O'Neil
Viggo Mortensen .... Master Chief John Urgayle
Anne Bancroft .... Sen. Lillian DeHaven
Jason Beghe .... Royce
Daniel von Bargen .... Theodore Hayes
John Michael Higgins .... Chief of Staff
Kevin Gage .... Instructor Pyro
David Warshofsky .... Instructor Johns
David Vadim .... Cortez
Morris Chestnut .... McCool
Josh Hopkins .... Flea
James Caviezel .... Slovnik
Boyd Kestner .... Wickwire
Angel David .... Newberry
Stephen Ramsey (II) .... Stamm
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