Goldeneye 1995

Goldeneye Plot Summary for
GoldenEye (1995)

Bond, while on holiday, meets the beautiful but deadly Xenia Onatopp, a member of a Russia mafia group and attempts to stop Xenia and another person taking the 'Tiger' helicopter, a new design and protected against any form of jamming. Meanwhile, Natalya Siminova, a Russian computer programmer is shocked when her team is wiped out by Xenia and Natalya's boss General Ourumov who steals the top secret space weapon Goldeneye, a satellite which triggers a nuclear pulse in the target area which destroys all electronic equipment. Bond is sent to discover who's got control of the weapon and teaming up with Natalya finds that the real villain is someone who knows Bond of old. An old friend of Bond, Alec Trevelyan, plans to destroy London using Goldeneye to gain revenge on Britain and he is even more dangerous as Alec is an ex-00 agent himself...


Directed by
Martin Campbell
Pierce Brosnan .... James Bond
Sean Bean .... Alec Trevelyan
Izabella Scorupco .... Natalya Simonova
Famke Janssen .... Xenia Onatopp
Joe Don Baker .... Jack Wade
Judi Dench .... M
Robbie Coltrane .... Valentin Zukovsky
Tchéky Karyo .... Dimitri Mishkin
Gottfried John .... General Ourumov
Alan Cumming .... Boris Grishenko
Desmond Llewelyn .... Q
Samantha Bond .... Miss Moneypenny
Michael Kitchen .... Bill Tanner
Serena Gordon .... Caroline
Simon Kunz .... Severnaya Duty Officer
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