Leaving Las Vegas 1995

Leaving Las Vegas Plot Summary for
Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

Ben Sanderson, a hard-core alcoholic, drives to Las Vegas after being fired from his film production job and divesting himself of all possessions. He plans to drink himself to death within four weeks. He meets Sera, a prostitute; they fall in love and he moves in with her. Each pledges not to try to change the other's chosen destiny, and they carry on a romance over Ben's last weeks.


Directed by
Mike Figgis
Nicolas Cage .... Ben Sanderson
Elisabeth Shue .... Sera
Julian Sands .... Yuri
Richard Lewis (II) .... Peter
Steven Weber .... Marc Nussbaum
Kim Adams .... Sheila
Emily Procter .... Debbie
Stuart Regen .... Man at Bar
Valeria Golino .... Terri
Graham Beckel .... L.A. Bartender
Al Henderson .... Man at Strip Bar
Shashi Bhatia .... Hispanic Prostitute
Carey Lowell .... Bank Teller
Anne Lange .... Business Colleague
Thomas Kopache .... Mr. Simpson
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