Money Train 1995

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Plot Summary for
Money Train (1995)

Two foster brothers (Snipes and Harrelson) can't convince anyone that they're just that; But that's old hat to them. Seeing it all the time, they decide that they have to rob it; The money train that collects and transports the station's fare cash.



Directed by
Joseph Ruben
Wesley Snipes .... John
Woody Harrelson .... Charlies
Jennifer Lopez .... Grace Santiago
Robert Blake .... Donald Patterson
Chris Cooper (I) .... Torch
Joe Grifasi .... Riley
Scott Sowers .... Mr. Brown
Skipp Sudduth .... Kowalski
Vincent Laresca .... Subway Robber
Nelson Vasquez .... Subway Robber
Vincent Patrick .... Bartender Frank
Aida Turturro .... Woman on Platform
Alvaleta Guess .... Woman on Platform
Vinny Pastore .... Gambler
David Tawil .... Gambler
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