Naked Gun the 1988

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Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!, The (1988)

A re-run of many of the gags from the original TV series 'Police Squad'. An Airplane type spoof, this time with the an incompetent lieutenant (Drebin) who always 'gets his man'. Visual gags come thick and fast, and it's impossible to catch them all with one viewing. The plot.. Queen Elizabeth II of England is coming to town, and Vincent Ludwig has plans to assassinate her using a brainwashed baseball player.



Directed by
David Zucker
Leslie Nielsen .... Lt. Frank Drebin
Priscilla Presley .... Jane Spencer
Ricardo Montalban .... Vincent Ludwig
George Kennedy .... Ed Hocken
O.J. Simpson .... Nordberg
Susan Beaubian .... Mrs. Nordberg
Nancy Marchand .... Mayor
Raye Birk .... Pahpshmir
Jeannette Charles .... Queen Elizabeth II
Ed Williams (II) .... Ted Olsen
Tiny Ron .... Al
'Weird Al' Yankovic .... 'Weird Al'
Leslie Maier .... 'Weird Leslie'
Winifred Freedman .... Stephie
Joe Grifasi .... Foreman
Video CD: 8712581420017

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