Phenomenon 1996

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Phenomenon (1996)

The main character (John Travolta) observes a strange light on his birthday at a bar. The following days he becomes very intellegent and puts the intellegence to good use in his community. When word gets around he becomes known as a freak and everyone wants to figure out why this happened to a car mechanic. The government also wants to get their hands on it to put it to other uses.



Directed by
Jon Turteltaub
John Travolta .... George Malley
Kyra Sedgwick .... Lace Pennamin
Forest Whitaker .... Nate Pope
Robert Duvall .... Doc
Jeffrey DeMunn .... Professor John Ringold
Richard Kiley .... Dr. Wellin
Brent Spiner .... Dr. Bob
Vyto Ruginis .... Ted Rhome
Bruce A. Young .... Jack Hatch
Michael Milhoan .... Jimmy
Sean O'Bryan .... Banes
David Gallagher .... Al
Ashley Buccille .... Glory
Tony Genaro .... Tito
Troy Evans .... Roger
DVD: 73219313450710

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