Philadelphia 1993

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Philadelphia (1993)

A gay lawyer stricken with AIDS seeks assistance from a homophobic personal injury attorney when a prestigious Philadelphia law firm fires him for incompetence. Not the standard 'issue' movie or even the standard courtroom drama but a sensitive and heartfelt look at the affect of AIDS on family, friends and the people who interact with an AIDS victim.



Directed by
Jonathan Demme
Tom Hanks .... Andrew Beckett
Denzel Washington .... Joe Miller
Roberta Maxwell .... Judge Tate
Buzz Kilman .... "Crutches"
Karen Finley .... Dr. Gillman
Daniel Chapman .... Clinic Storyteller
Mark Sorensen Jr. .... Clinic Patient
Jeffrey Williamson .... Tyrone
Charles Glenn (I) .... Kenneth Killcoyne
Ron Vawter .... Bob Seidman
Anna Deavere Smith .... Anthea Burton
Stephanie Roth .... Rachel Smilow
Lisa Talerico .... Shelby
Joanne Woodward .... Sarah Beckett
Jason Robards .... Charles Wheeler
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