Pretty Woman 1990

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Pretty Woman (1990)

Edward is a rich, ruthless businessman who specializes in taking over companies and then selling them off piece by piece. He travels to Los Angeles for a business trip and decides to hire a prostitute. They take a liking to each other and he offers her money if she'll stay with him for an entire week while he makes the "rich and famous" scene (since it doesn't do for a man of his stature to be alone at society parties and polo matches). Romantic comedy (and complications) ensue.



Directed by
Garry Marshall
Richard Gere .... Edward Lewis
Julia Roberts .... Vivian Ward
Ralph Bellamy .... James Morse
Jason Alexander (I) .... Philip Stuckey
Laura San Giacomo .... Kit De Luca
Hector Elizondo .... Barney, the Hotel Manager
Alex Hyde-White .... David Morse
Amy Yasbeck .... Elizabeth Stuckey
Elinor Donahue .... Bridget
Judith Baldwin .... Susan
Jason Randal .... Magician
Bill Applebaum .... Howard
Tracy Bjork .... Female Guest
Gary Greene .... Male Guest
William Gallo .... Carlos
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