Reversal of Fortune 1990

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Reversal of Fortune (1990)

Alan Dershowitz a brilliant professor of law is hired by wealthy socialite Claus von Bulow to attempt to overturn his two convictions for attempted murder of his extremely wealthy wife. Based on a true story the film concentrates not on the trial like other legal thrillers, but on the preparatory work that Dershowitz and his students put in as they attempt to disprove the prosecution's case and achieve the Reversal of Fortune of the title.



Directed by
Barbet Schroeder
Glenn Close .... Sunny von Bülow
Jeremy Irons .... Claus von Bülow
Ron Silver .... Alan Dershowitz
Annabella Sciorra .... Sarah
Uta Hagen .... Maria
Fisher Stevens .... David Marriott
Jack Gilpin .... Peter MacIntosh
Christine Baranski .... Andrea Reynolds
Stephen Mailer .... Elon Dershowitz
Christine Dunford .... Ellen
Felicity Huffman .... Minnie
Mano Singh .... Raj
Johann Carlo .... Nancy
Keith Reddin .... Dobbs
Alan Pottinger .... Chuck
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