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Scream 2 (1997)

It has been two years since the tragic events at Woodsboro. Sidney Prescott and Randy Meeks are trying to get on with their lives, and are currently both students at Windsor College. Cotton Weary is out of prison, and is trying to cash in on his unfortunate incarceration. Gale Weathers has written a bestseller, "The Woodsboro Murders," which has been turned into the film, "Stab," starring Tori Spelling as Sidney. As the film's play date approaches, the cycle of death begins anew. Dewey Riley immediately flies out of Woodsboro to try to protect Sidney, his "surrogate sister." But in this sequel to the 1996 horror film, the number of suspects only goes down as the body count slowly goes up!



Directed by
Wes Craven
David Arquette .... Dwight "Dewey" Riley
Neve Campbell .... Sidney Prescott
Courteney Cox .... Gale Weathers
Sarah Michelle Gellar .... Casey "Cici" Cooper
Jamie Kennedy .... Randy Meeks
Duane Martin .... Joel, the cameraman
Laurie Metcalf .... Reporter Debbie Salt
Elise Neal .... Hallie
Jerry O'Connell .... Derek
Timothy Olyphant .... Mickey
Jada Pinkett .... Maureen Evans
Liev Schreiber .... Cotton Weary
Lewis Arquette .... Chief Louis Hartley
Rebecca Gayheart .... Sorority Sister Lois
Portia de Rossi .... Sorority Sister Murphy
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