Shadow Conspiracy 1996

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Shadow Conspiracy (1997)

Bobby Bishop (Sheen) is a special assistant to the President of the United States. Accidentally, he meets his friend professor Pochenko on the street. Pochenko has time to tell Bishop about some conspiracy in the White House but then immediately gets killed by an assassin. Now bad guys are after Bobby as the only man who knows about a plot. Bishop must now not only survive, but to stop the conspirators from achieving their goal. And he doesn't know whom to trust.



Directed by
George P. Cosmatos
Charlie Sheen .... Bobby Bishop
Donald Sutherland .... Conrad
Linda Hamilton .... Amanda Givens
Stephen Lang .... The Agent
Ben Gazzara .... Vice President Saxon
Nicholas Turturro .... Grasso
Stanley Anderson .... Att. Gen. Toyanbee
Theodore Bikel .... Professor Pochenko
Charles Cioffi .... Gen. Blackburn
Paul Gleason (I) .... Blythe
Terry O'Quinn .... Frank Ridell
Sam Waterston .... President
Gore Vidal .... Congressman Page
Henry Strozier .... Murphy
Dey Young .... Janet
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