Sleepers 1996

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Sleepers (1996)

Four boys growing up in Hell's Kitchen play a prank that leads to an old man getting hurt. Sentenced to no less than one year in the Wilkenson Center in upstate New York, the four friends are changed by the beating, humiliation and sexual abuse by the guards sworn to protect them. Ten years later and a chance meeting lead to a chance for revenge against the Wilkenson Center and the guards.



Directed by
Barry Levinson
Kevin Bacon .... Sean Nokes
Billy Crudup .... Tommy Marcano
Robert De Niro .... Father Bobby
Ron Eldard .... John Reilly
Minnie Driver .... Carol Martinez
Vittorio Gassman .... King Benny
Dustin Hoffman .... Danny Snyder
Terry Kinney .... Ralph Ferguson
Bruno Kirby .... Shakes' Father
Frank Medrano .... Fat Mancho
Jason Patric .... Lorenzo, a.k.a. Shakes
Joseph Perrino .... Young Shakes
Brad Pitt .... Michael Sullivan
Brad Renfro .... Young Michael Sullivan
Geoffrey Wigdor .... Young John
DVD: 044004780223

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