Snake Eyes 1998

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Snake Eyes (1998)

Atlantic City cop Rick Santoro is pretty happy with life. He has a wife and a mistress, gets his regular rake-offs, and walks easily through town. On duty at a prize-fight when a member of the government is killed, he soon has several leads. But he realises he has to make a choice - turn the other way as he has in the past when the stakes weren't so high, or follow up the investigation and put his cosy lifestyle very much at risk.



Directed by
Brian De Palma
Nicolas Cage .... Rick Santoro
Gary Sinise .... Kevin Dunne
John Heard .... Gilbert Powell
Carla Gugino .... Julia Costello
Stan Shaw .... Lincoln Tyler
Kevin Dunn (I) .... Lou Logan
Michael Rispoli .... Jimmy George
Joel Fabiani .... Charles Kirkland
Luis Guzmán .... Cyrus
David Higgins (I) .... Ned Campbell
Mike Starr (I) .... Walt McGahn
Tamara Tunie .... Anthea
Chip Zien .... Mickey Alter
Michaella Bassey .... Party girl #2
Paul Joseph Bernardo .... Casino Security #1
DVD: 7321932345698

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