Speed 2 Cruise Control 1997

Speed 2.jpg (56076 bytes) Anybody seen Keanu? The action star of Speed opted out of this overbearing sequel, which finds costar Sandra Bullock in love with another guy (Jason Patric) and in trouble aboard a cruise ship under the control of a mad extortionist (Willem Dafoe). Speed director Jan de Bont is back at the helm for part 2, but even he seems to have forgotten that what made the first film work was the simplicity of its hook (the bomb, the bus that can't drive below 50 mph, the handful of sympathetic passengers, etc.). Speed 2 is all about hugeness: big ship, lots of places to get into trouble, and so on. Even with an eye-popping, endless finale of the vessel crashing into port (and causing mondo destruction), there is nothing about this movie that is remotely as involving as its predecessor.


Directed by
Jan de Bont
Sandra Bullock .... Annie Porter
Jason Patric .... Alex Shaw
Willem Dafoe .... John Geiger
Temuera Morrison .... Juliano
Brian McCardie .... Merced
Christine Firkins .... Drew
Michael G. Hagerty .... Harvey
Colleen Camp .... Debbie
Lois Chiles .... Celeste
Francis Guinan .... Rupert
Tamia .... Sheri Silver
Jeremy Hotz .... Ashton
Enrique Murciano Jr. .... Alejandro
Jessica Diz .... Isabel
Connie Ray .... Fran Fisher
Video: 8712626610014

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