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Plot Summary for
"Star Trek: Voyager" (1995)

The Federation starship USS Voyager, chasing a band of Maquis rebels, enters the dangerous space nebula known as the Badlands. Both ships are transported by a distant space probe to the Delta Quadrant, 75,000 light-years from Federation space. Voyager's crew and the Maquis form an uneasy truce to rescue crewmen of both ships, kidnapped by the probe's builder, the powerful, dying Caretaker. The Maquis ship is destroyed in a battle with the warlike Kazons. To prevent a Kazon aggression against a helpless world, Voyager destroys the space probe. Without the probe, it will take 75 years for Voyager to travel back to Federation space. With the differences between them rendered meaningless by time and distance, The Federation and Maquis crews unite aboard Voyager. Together, they embark on their new mission: to boldly go - home.




Number of tape:

1.1 The Caretaker I The Caretaker II 8712598507008
1.5 Emanations Prime Factors 8712598507053
1.7 Cathexis Faces 8712598507077
2.5 Prototype Alliances 8712598507152
2.6 Threshold Meld 8712598507169
2.7 Dreadnought Death Wish 8712598507176
2.8 Lifesigns Investigations 8712598507183
2.9 Deadlock Innocence 8712598507190
2.10 The Thaw Tuvix 8712598507206
2.11 Resolutions Basics I 8712598507213
3.1 Basics II Flashback 8712598507220
3.2 The Chute The Swarm 8712598507237
3.4 Scared Ground Future's End I 8712598059637
3.5 Future's End II Warlord 8714865059647
3.6 The Q and the Gray Macrocosm 8714865059654
3.7 Fair Trade Alter Ego 8714865059661
3.8 Coda Blood Fever 8714865059678

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