Terminal Velocity 1994

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Terminal Velocity (1994)

Ditch Brodie is a maverick skydiving instructor. One day, a beautiful girl comes in, wanting to take her first jump. Up in the air, Ditch takes her eyes off her momentarily, then looks back to find out that she has fallen out, dying on impact. Mitch is suspicious that all is not as it seems, because he distinctly remembers hooking her static line on...



Directed by
Deran Sarafian
Charlie Sheen .... Richard "Ditch" Brodie
Nastassja Kinski .... Chris Morrow
James Gandolfini .... Ben Pinkwater
Christopher McDonald .... Kerr
Gary Bullock .... Lex
Hans Howes .... Sam
Melvin Van Peebles .... Noble
Suli McCullough .... Robocam
Cathryn de Prume .... Karen
Richard Sarafian Jr. .... Dominic
Lori Lynn Dickerson .... Helicopter Newscaster
Terry Finn .... Birthday Mom
Martha Vazquez .... Newscaster
Tim Kelleher .... Jump Junkie #1
Brooke Langton .... Jump Junkie #2
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