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Total Eclipse (1995)

A sensationalized retelling of the Rimbaud-Verlaine story. The great French poet Arthur Rimbaud wrote all his poems, which continue to amaze and inspire to this day, during a brief burst of activity in the early 1870s, when he was just a teenager. According to Christopher Hampton's screenplay, it's amazing Rimbaud found time to write anything at all, since he was carrying on a torrid, absinthe-soaked homosexual love affair with the older and not quite so great poet Paul Verlaine. This affair ended when Verlaine shot Rimbaud in the hand in a Brussels hotel room. In this version of the story, it's also amazing that Rimbaud wanted to have anything to do with Verlaine, who is depicted as a utterly despicable human being.



Directed by
Agnieszka Holland
Leonardo DiCaprio .... Arthur Rimbaud
David Thewlis .... Paul Verlaine
Romane Bohringer .... Mathilde Maute
Dominique Blanc .... Isabelle Rimbaud
Felicie Pasotti Cabarbaye .... Isabelle (as a child)
Nita Klein .... Rimbaud's Mother
James Thiérrée .... Frederic
Emmanuelle Oppo .... Vitalie
Denise Chalem .... Mrs. Maute De Fleurville
Andrzej Seweryn .... Mr. Maute De Fleurville
Christopher Thompson (I) .... Carjat
Bruce Van Barthold .... Aicard
Christopher Chaplin .... Charles Cros
Christopher Hampton .... The Judge
Mathias Jung .... Andre
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