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Volcano (1997)

Mike Roark is a director of LA's Office of Emergency Management. When the previously unknown volcano erupts in Los-Angeles, he is on duty and separated from his wife and daughter, who are at home. The lava from the volcano runs down the streets of LA and down the underground lines, burning everything on the way and Roark must fight it, with the help of his right-hand Emmit Reese and seismologist Dr. Amy Barnes.



Directed by
Mick Jackson
Tommy Lee Jones .... Mike Roark
Anne Heche .... Dr. Amy Barnes
Gaby Hoffmann (I) .... Kelly Roark
Don Cheadle .... Emmit Reese
Jacqui Kim .... Dr. Jaye Calder
Keith David (I) .... Lt. Ed Fox
John Corbett (I) .... Norman Calder
Michael Rispoli .... Gator Harris
John Carroll Lynch .... Stan Olber
Marcello Thedford .... Kevin
Laurie Lathem .... Rachel
Bert Kramer .... LA Fire Chief
Bo Eason .... Bud McVie
James MacDonald (I) .... Terry Jasper
Dayton Callie .... Roger Lapher
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